It’s been said that Brian Hill’s unmistakable voice, memorable songs and lyrical bass stylings have been the sonic backbone of his touring ska-reggae band Regatta 69. Now, coining the term “Emo Reggae”, he brings to the stage the heart-filled outpouring of his emotions. With guitar in hand and loop pedal under foot, his latest music envisions a place deep in the foothills dripping with soul.  Embellishing on a new take of the reggae sound, his Emo Reggae will lead your ears to mine what echoes deep within as his honest desire is to fill you with his uplifting songs. Supporting his newest release “Countdown To Babblelawn”, Mr. B Hill’s lyrical twists of sarcasm and wit give you his somehow eternally optimistic premonitions of what might be, reminiscent of the days gone by. Touring extensively throughout America, Europe and South Africa as captain of his band of ska pirates, Regatta 69, he has rocked 17 countries and 42 US states, appearing on 30+ compilations and 10 studio records selling world-wide! His concerts are featuring some classic ska and reggae remakes, but mostly his original songs, both new and rarities from the vault of Regatta 69’s 20+ year recording history. 

“I’ve known since an early age what makes me tick and where my passions and music might take me. I’m now looking forward to the new rockin’ times ahead and an intimate communication with audiences near and far. I’m the eternal optimist 😉